Four More Years of Obama: Gun Control 'Under the Radar' No More

Four More Years of Obama: Gun Control 'Under the Radar' No More

President Obama is pro-gun control to his core, and his past is full of anti-gun legislation and anti-gun rhetoric that provides a clear indication of where the Second Amendment is headed in the next four years if we’re silly enough to give him a second term.

For example, as a state senator in Illinois, Obama supported one-gun-a-month purchase limits; he supported legislation that banned the use of handguns for self-defense (even in one’s own home); he supported an Illinois bill that would have not only banned but also confiscated “assault weapons” had it passed; and he supported a total ban on handguns.

As a Senator in DC, Obama opposed every pro-gun Supreme Court nominee he had the chance to vote against. He supported the Assault Weapons Ban and even joined Senator Ted Kennedy in attempting to pass huge increases on ammunition taxes in order to discourage gun ownership through cost inflation. 

During his candidacy for the presidency in 2008, Obama filled out a candidate questionnaire in which he indicated his support for a national handgun ban. He also supported micro-stamping legislation while on the campaign trail and came out in support of DC’s handgun ban. 

Candidate Obama knew he had to conceal his anti-gun tendencies; thus, he not only voiced support for the DC gun ban but also for the Supreme Court decision that overturned it (Heller, 2008). He would do the same thing as president in 2010 when Chicago’s gun ban was before the Supreme Court (McDonald, 2010). 

As president, Obama has filled important posts with notorious anti-gunners. For example, Attorney General Eric Holder shares Obama’s opposition to gun rights. Under Holder’s watch, we have seen the Fast and Furious debacle — an attempt to justify new gun regulations — come to pass with a body count in the hundreds. And there are new gun control requirements on long-gun sales in Arizona, Texas, California, and New Mexico. 

And justices nominated by Obama have already begun chipping away at the Second Amendment and concealed-carry laws by ruling that there’s no Supreme Court-recognized, Constitutionally-explicit right for Americans to carry guns outside their homes.

And we can’t forget the fact that Obama recently expanded the ATF’s ability to seize guns without going through all the hassles of “due process.” Nor we can overlook the fact that we’re still waiting to see exactly what he meant via his 2011 promise to push for gun control “under the radar.”

When Sen. Obama was running for the presidency in 2008, the National Rifle Association warned that he would be the most anti-gun president in history. Larry Pratt, executive director at Gun Owners of America, sounded the same alarm. We didn’t listen then. It is imperative that we listen now.  


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