WV Attorney General Caught on Tape Bullying Opponent's Staffer

WV Attorney General Caught on Tape Bullying Opponent's Staffer

The West Virginia Attorney’s General race has been hit by controversy after incumbent Democrat Darrell McGraw was captured on video intimidating a young member of his opponent Patrick Morrissey’s staff.

In the video, McGraw, 75, approaches and begins to bully 24-year-old Morrisey staffer and tracker Justin Lafferty, asking him how he “got into the filming business.” Unrelenting, he asks, “Are you a stalker? Is this guy a stalker?” A woman joins in the fray, saying, “I don’t know but we don’t do that down here.”

The state’s chief law enforcement officer then mumbles, “Well let me tell you — look –” before he reaches for McGraw’s camera; the video then ends abruptly.

Earlier on the video, McGraw is asked a question by Republican House of Delegates candidate Joyce Holland. After an interaction, McGraw walks away from her saying repeatedly, “That poor woman is so deceitful,” as she defends herself against him.

McGraw has refused to offer an apology to Laffer or even comment on the incident. A late August poll showed him 24 points ahead of Republican challenger Patrick Morrisey. But that was before McGraw was captured on video coming unglued. 

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