ACLU Attacks Border Patrol Violence Days After Agent Death

ACLU Attacks Border Patrol Violence Days After Agent Death

Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie has not been dead for 72 hours, but that is apparently enough time for the ACLU to attack the violence caused by………border patrol agents.

Yes, in response to the tragic death of Agent Ivie the ACLU decides to attack the Border Patrol. Is the Border Patrol perfect? No, absolutely not. The incidents they mention in their articles are terrible. But the ACLU has not talked about Operation Fast & Furious and how that operation has caused violence against our own men and women and Mexican citizens!

ACLU claims the Border Patrol must equip agents “with protective gear that reduces their risk of injury and corresponding need to use potentially deadly force.” Drug cartel members using state of the art AK-47s supplied by our government murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. If the ACLU paid attention to Fast & Furious they would know Agent Terry was armed with a bean bag gun. Not a gun that shot bullets, but a gun that shot BEAN BAGS. Plus, Agent Terry wasn’t just a Border Patrol agent. He was a member of the elite group BORTAC, often considered to be the equivalent of the Navy SEALs. If the elite force isn’t properly armed one can only imagine what regular Border Patrol agents own.

In July, Department of Homeland Security released a course called “IS-907 – Active Shooter: What You Can Do.” It’s a 45 minute computer course telling employees to either evacuate, hide out, or take action only if they need to.  This course was meant for all employees, including the Border Patrol agents. DHS told agents to throw objects at a shooter/attacker only as a last resort. They didn’t mention shooting, just throwing an object.

The last paragraph is classic. ACLU is calling for more transparency by the Border Patrol. They have yet to call for more transparency from the Department of Justice over Fast & Furious. The ACLU is very concerned for Mexican citizens, but I guess the 300+ who have died by Fast & Furious weapons do not matter.

They also say the Border Patrol “carries responsibility to be accountable to the American public” since they’re the largest law enforcement agency in the US. That’s odd. They haven’t demanded the DOJ to be accountable for their actions in Fast & Furious. No one within the DOJ has been held accountable. They’ve been allowed to resign quietly and take other cushy jobs or reassigned. No one has been fired or arrested despite the fact that there are hundreds of deaths linked to the operation. 

The ACLU needs to do more research and stop taking advantage of the deaths of our heroic Border Patrol agents who do the best they can against dangerous Mexican drug cartels. You know, the same drug cartels that received high-powered weapons from our very own government. DHS is already doing all the can to disarm the Border Patrol. They don’t need the ACLU to help them out.


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