REPORT: Obama Camp. Threatens NAACP Official

REPORT: Obama Camp. Threatens NAACP Official

The Illinois political director of President Barack Obama’s campaign allegedly threatened a Chicago NAACP official because he did not support Obama’s reelection campaign.

David Lowery, the president of the South Suburban Branch of the NAACP, alleged to CBS Chicago that Louis Raymond, the Obama official, threatened him during a phone call because Lowery did not support Obama. Lowery felt Obama did not adequately address the concerns and issues of the black community. 

“You know what? I know everything about you,” Raymond allegedly said, according Lowery. “We’ve been watching you, and since you don’t support Obama, we’ll deal with you.” 

Lowery filed a report with local police “in case something happens.”

Even though Lowery noted a non-profit cannot support a president, he said the campaign suggested the NAACP should be fully supporting the Obama campaign. This is a sign the Obama campaign is worried about the black vote. Lowery, according to CBS Chicago, has repeatedly voiced his displeasure with Obama on his radio show called “Let the Truth Be Told.” 

The Obama campaign, in a statement, dismissed Lowery’s claims as a “miscommunication.”

“There seems to have been a miscommunication regarding this conversation and we have since discussed with the campaign staffer in an effort to clarify the matter,” the Obama campaign said in a statement. “The President continues to support the mission and principles of the NAACP and the work they do.”  statement said.


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