Obamanomics: Labor Force Down, Gas Prices Up

Obamanomics: Labor Force Down, Gas Prices Up

While Obama boasts an unemployment finally pushed under 8% by the labor force shrinking small enough, the prices his energy policies have spawned continue to climb.

On October 4th, per-gallon prices in some areas were well over $4 a gallon. And on October 5, they actually crossed the five dollar line. Moreover, pump and fill-station shutdowns due to fuel shortages continue in California. 

Together, these are certain to lead to what we saw under Jimmy Carter — long lines at the pump and excruciating prices once you get to fill up your tank (if you can afford it at all).

Meanwhile, in swing states like OH, FL, and VA, Gov. Romney is enjoying a post-debate bounce that has him in the lead among people who are actually going to vote. And Romney plans to start drilling again.

If I were Obama, I’d probably try to distract people with bogus unemployment numbers as well. 


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