Rasmussen Poll: Romney 49, Obama 47

Rasmussen Poll: Romney 49, Obama 47

Mitt Romney leads President Barack Obama by two points (49%-47%) in Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll for Sunday. Romney’s lead further confirms that the momentum in the presidential race has shifted his way after Romney’s dominating performance over Obama in the first presidential debate.

Rasmussen notes that while the race remains too close to call, “the reality is that a very close race shifted ever so slightly from narrowly favoring President Obama to narrowly favoring Mitt Romney.”

Romney has had a slight lead in six of the last nine days. Obama has had the lead once, and the candidates were tied on two days. 

Rasmussen notes these poll numbers not only reflect how dramatically Romney’s dominant debate performance altered the dynamics of the race, but how different 2012 is to Obama from 2008, when polls showed “virtually no change during the final 40 days of the campaign” as then-candidate Obama coasted to a 7-point victory nationally over John McCain.