Texas Talk Show Host Taking 1,000 Listeners to Florida to Beat Obama

Texas Talk Show Host Taking 1,000 Listeners to Florida to Beat Obama

How many times have we heard that Texans are independent and determined to stay that way? It’s never been more true than it is now.

In an incredibly inspiring story, Texas talk show host Michael Berry is heading an effort to bring more than 1000 of his listeners across the country to Florida to help win the state for Mitt Romney. Florida’s 29 electoral votes may be the key to winning the election on November 6. The listeners will meet in Texas, caravan from there at their own expense, and pick up other listeners along the way.

Berry broadcasts from Houston, and the caravan is leaving there on October 28 and will arrive in Pensacola that same night. For the next week the volunteers will drive vans to help local Florida voters get to the polling places.

Berry said:

“I just threw the idea out there, and listeners across the country responded with an overwhelming willingness to do it. I was half kidding, because the logistics of such a trip are a nightmare.  But we brought in 50 listeners to volunteer to coordinate this, and what they’ve done is nothing short of amazing.”

And there are inspiring stories within the story. One such story is the journey of Kyle Coplen. He was asked by Berry to be the vice-chairman of the committee, but with a pregnant wife and a new business cleaning swimming pools, he couldn’t pay the $1000 for the trip. Berry offered to cover the expenses, but Coplen was determined to pay his own way, saying, “I just made a simple flyer, saying ‘Will Work for Romney’, which I thought was catchy.  I put the flyer on the doors of houses that had Romney signs in the yards.”

Soon, people impressed by his work ethic and unique need for money hired Coplen to work for them. Coplen refused every offer of a donation, explaining that he wanted to earn his own way to Florida, just as the United States needs to earn its way out of its problems.

The website to donate funds for the volunteers is www.WinFlorida2012.org

 How many volunteers can we help get to Florida? Let’s do it.


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