Obama Campaign Giving Up the Ghost

Obama Campaign Giving Up the Ghost

That sound you hear from the latest email from Barack Obama is the wheezing of a dying patient’s last breath:

This race is tied.


What we do over the next 22 days will determine not just the next four years, but what this country looks like for decades to come.

Got that right. And we’re going to make sure exactly what this country looks like after you’re gone.

That’s what I’ll be fighting for up on that stage tomorrow night — but I can’t do it alone.

Really? You’ve spent the last four years claiming everything that’s been accomplished has been because of you. And now you can’t do it alone? Mercy me.

This campaign’s final and most critical FEC deadline is coming up on Wednesday. It’s an important test of our strength at a time when the other side is plotting a big surge in negative ads.

Oh, you don’t run negative ads? Tell that lie to the coal miners of Ohio.

This grassroots organization has never been beat — but we’re at the stage of an election where everyone needs to put in a little more. So please donate $3 or more right now:

For the grammatically challenged president (The Smartest Man in the World), the word you’re looking for is “beaten,” but we’ll cut you a little slack. Perhaps you can register for English as a second language?

Thanks for standing with me.


Don’t expect us to stand too close. When someone’s career is terminal from a self-inflicted disease, the natural response is to sidle away and close the door quietly.