71 % of Voters Favor Voter ID

71 % of Voters Favor Voter ID

The support for voter ID in the United States remains strong, but it is clear that Democrats, who are gullible enough to buy into expletive-laden videos like Sarah Silverman’s or faux comedy video’s like Rainn Wilson’s, are more convinced that illegal voting should be here to stay.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 71% of voters think voters should be required to show ID before they vote. 66% of likely U.S. voters believe voter fraud is a serious problem, and 33% say it is a very serious problem.

Yet 34% think voter ID laws discriminate against some voters, which is up from 22% at the end of last year. 87% of GOP voters think voter ID doesn’t discriminate, while 60% of Democrats think it does.

The bottom line is this: 94% of Republicans and 76% of voters not affiliated with either major party favor voter ID; only about 50% of Democrats do.

When it comes to support for illegal voting, the Democrats win the election hands down.


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