Diminishing Returns: Planned Parenthood Buys $5.7M Total in Ads as Women Move to Romney

Diminishing Returns: Planned Parenthood Buys $5.7M Total in Ads as Women Move to Romney

The political division of Planned Parenthood announced on Tuesday that it will spend another $828,000 on anti-Romney ads in Virginia and Colorado, both swing states, in the days prior to the presidential election.

The new ad campaign was announced after USA Today/Gallup published a poll that found that women in swing states are moving toward Mitt Romney, and the two presidential candidates are now in a dead heat among women.

Planned Parenthood Votes will spend $578,000 in radio ads against Romney in Ohio and Virginia and $250,000 on a television ad in Colorado. These ad purchases will bring their total investment in the U.S. election to $5.7 million.

Clearly on the defensive and sensing that Romney is surging ahead, the abortion industry giant, in keeping with the “War on Women” canard of the Democratic Party, is trying to energize women to vote their way by providing them with misinformation. It is truly amazing that an organization that claims to support women plans to achieve its political goals by hoping women will not be smart enough to find out the facts.

The latest radio ad slams Mitt Romney for opposing Roe v. Wade and federal funding of Planned Parenthood. The ad’s voiceover states, “Mitt Romney will put critical healthcare for women and families at risk and will let politicians interfere in your most private, personal medical decisions.”

Like their principal apologist, Barack Obama, political advocates of Planned Parenthood want women to believe that Democrats will keep contraception and abortion private, at the same time that ObamaCare, home of the HHS mandate, is taking more medical decisions into the government arena with its intrusive, overreaching regulations. Does Planned Parenthood care at all about older women whose medical decisions will be in the hands of the ObamaCare Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), an unelected government bureaucracy that will ration care in order to cut costs? Will smart women, and men, see through the deception?

Not to mention the fact that 766,000 more women are unemployed since Obama took office. Does Planned Parenthood care about women being able to find jobs? In response to the new ad, Amanda Henneberg, a Romney spokeswoman, said that President Obama’s “policies have made it harder for women across the country to start businesses, get good jobs, or see their children able to go to college and get started with their lives.”

Let’s hope American voters, women and men, are smarter than Planned Parenthood and Barack Obama want them to be.