Two More Brutal Biden Gaffes on Campaign Trail

Two More Brutal Biden Gaffes on Campaign Trail

Two epic gaffes at one campaign stop. First, Vice President Joe Biden told a group of supporters that Paul Ryan “has written a book called The Young Guns with two other members of the House, no these are Republican leaders in the House. You had, unfortunately, the bullets are aimed at you.” Then he lost track of which version of planet Earth he’s on and wondered who in the audience had served in our war with Iran.

So which is it snorting, cackling, unhinged Slow Joe? Are Romney and Ryan going to “put y’all in chains” or aim bullets at us?

Maybe it’s both.

Remember when the corrupt media frowned on “eliminationist” rhetoric.

Good times. Good times.



Biden really is a little, uhm, short of a full deck, don’t you think? Here he is at the same event under the bizarre impression America went to war with Iran. Oh, and so is Harry Reid — who raises his hand… twice!


Right now we have a corrupt media going all-in on Obama’s “binder” nonsense. And yet there hasn’t been a word or a sound or a peep about Slow Joe lying in the vice presidential debate about his role in Social Security reform.

So let’s not hold our breath over the idea that the corrupt media will frown on Slow Joe’s “eliminationist” rhetoric or his elder-lapse on who we’re at war with.



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