**GALLUP SHOCK** Romney Maintains Six Point Lead

**GALLUP SHOCK** Romney Maintains Six Point Lead

While we were all enjoying the ride while it lasted, I don’t know of anyone who expected Romney to still hold a six-point, 51-45%, lead in the Gallup poll when today’s numbers rolled in. But he did. This is the fifth day in a row on which Romney’s been at 50 or above, and the fourth day in a row he’s been ahead of Obama by six points or more.  

Lefties are comforting themselves with the fact that, for right now, this is an outlier poll  — which is true — but a steady outlier with the name Gallup on it is my idea of a true outlier. Romney supporters still need to prepare themselves, though, for a tightening before election day. But again, do enjoy it while it lasts.

The undeniable good news in the Gallup poll is knowing that Romney’s high-water mark is 52. Obama’s never hit fifty. Also, what we’re seeing in Gallup matches the Rasmussen tracking poll. Both show Romney in the lead after the second presidential debate. Romney has also hit 50 for the first time in Rasmussen’s swing-state tracking poll, where he leads Obama, 50-46%.

At this stage of the race, it’s all about momentum, and there’s no question the momentum nationally and in the individual swing states is with Mitt Romney. The latest polls out of VA, FL, NC, NH, and IA show Romney leading.  Colorado appears to be moving into his column and, over the last 36 hours, every poll out of Ohio shows major gains by Romney in what is now, undoubtedly, a tied race. Though they haven’t posted it on their website yet, Democratic pollster, PPP, just released a Ohio poll showing Obama only up one, 49-48%.

Six days ago the President led by five.

If you’re wondering why Barack Obama is acting like a terrified loser on the campaign trail these days — these numbers are why.

We still have a long way to go, with a lot of ups and downs ahead. It’s trench warfare-time now. Keep fighting like we’re three-points down, because that could be exactly where we find ourselves a week from today if we don’t.



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