Benghazi Fallout: Obama Job Approval Tanks

Benghazi Fallout: Obama Job Approval Tanks

While the CorruptMedia does its worst to black out the unfolding scandal over Libya, rather than stupidly playing defense on the left’s abortion-turf, New Media has done its best to report the Libya story and get it out there. This is called a counter-narrative, and with the help of a number of unforced errors on behalf of the Obama campaign, it might be having a negative effect on the most important number for an incumbent seeking reelection: job approval.

In the Rasmussen poll that tracks the president’s approval rating amongst likely voters, over the last four days, Obama’s job approval has dipped from 50 to 47%. Meanwhile, his disapproval number has spiked to 52%. That’s a five-point negative spread.

Normally, I would ignore that as statistical noise. But what makes the Rasmussen drop noteworthy is a similar plunge in the Gallup Poll — which is even worse for the president, because Gallup measures Obama’s approval ratings with “all adults.” Generally, the looser the screen, the better Democrats poll. If Obama is cratering with “all adults,” his numbers are likely worse among the tighter screen of registered and likely voters.

Today, Gallup has Obama upside down, 46-49%  with all adults. Three days ago, Obama was above water, 51-44%. That’s a huge swing.

Again, this might just be statistical noise. But when you look at the news coming out of Libya and the small, mean-spirited pettiness we’re seeing from the president and his campaign, there’s reason to believe this shift might be real.


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