Leadership: Romney Uses Campaign Bus to Deliver Hurricane Relief

Leadership: Romney Uses Campaign Bus to Deliver Hurricane Relief

The Romney campaign has canceled campaign events, commercials, and fundraising appeals in states that will be impacted by Hurricane Sandy, and is instead using a campaign bus to help deliver supplies to those who will be impacted by what forecasters are predicting may be a “storm of the century.” 

The Obama campaign has canceled events, but has yet to announce it have pulled commercials or fundraising appeals from states in Sandy’s path. Romney was also first on the scene when Hurricane Irene struck the Gulf Coast in August, with President Obama arriving three days later after adjusting his schedule.

Twitchy, which keeps track of everything that happens on Twitter in real time, posted photos of relief supplies next to Romney’s campaign bus in Virginia, where Romney was supposed to have campaigned on Sunday before canceling his events. 

And, according to CBS News:

The campaign is taking similar precautions in New Hampshire, where Ann Romney was supposed to be on Monday. They have cancelled that visit and are instead using another campaign bus to help with relief there.

The Obama campaign has also cancelled events as Sandy approaches. President Obama was briefed by FEMA in Washington, D.C., today and labeled it a “serious and big storm.”

A Romney adviser told ABC News that the Romney campaign felt comfortable that Romney has gotten his message across to voters and the campaign did not even “want to even trivialize matters by talking about the state of the race when you have so many people right now that are going to be adversely impacted by the storm.”

Paul Ryan also opened up his campaign event in Ohio on Sunday, according to ABC News, by telling a crowd: “First let me start on a slightly different note, let’s today when we get home, put in our prayers the people who are in the East Coast in the wake of this big storm that’s coming, let’s not forget those fellow Americans of ours.”


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