Vegas Business Owner Fires 22 Employees After Obama Victory

Vegas Business Owner Fires 22 Employees After Obama Victory

After President Barack Obama won reelection, a Las Vegas business owner fired 22 employees because he feared he could no longer keep up with the costs that would be imposed on his business due to regulations such as Obamacare. 

The business owner, who asked to remain anonymous, called into 100.5 KXNT and said “elections have consequences” and that “at the end of the day, I need to survive.”

“I’ve done my share of educating my employees. I never tell them which way to vote. I believe in the free system we have, I believe in the right to choose who they want to be president, but I did explain as a business owner that I have always put my employees first,” the business owner said. “I always made sure that when I went without a paycheck that [I] made sure they were paid. And I explained that I always put them first and unfortunately I’m at a point where I’m being forced to have to worry about me and my family now and a business that I built from just me to 114 employees.”

The business owner said that he tried to explain to his employees a month ago that ” if Obama gets in office that the regulations for Obamacare are gonna hurt our business, and I’m gonna have to make provisions to make sure I have enough money to cover the payroll taxes.”

The business owner said he warned his employees, most of whom are Hispanic, of his concerns before the election, but now he unfortunately had to be “proactive” in firing 22 employees “to make sure that my business is gonna thrive and I’m gonna be around for years to come.”

“I have to build up that nest egg now for the taxes and regulations that are coming my way,” the business owner said. “The Dow alone lost 314 points today. There’s a tsunami coming and if you didn’t think this election had consequences, just wait.”


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