59 Philadelphia Voting Divisions: Zero Romney Votes

59 Philadelphia Voting Divisions: Zero Romney Votes

If you were told that in 59 different voting divisions of a major city, Barack Obama got every single vote, every single vote, 19,605 votes, and Mitt Romney got zero, would you think there was no voter fraud? Or would you think that this was a mythical city, a city that Barack Obama and his minions created out of whole cloth? Where would you find such a ridiculous, over-the-top statistic?

Welcome to Philadelphia.

Yup, the City of Brotherly Love has claimed that in 59 of its divisions, not one human being voted for Mitt Romney. Not 20, not 10, not 5 not 1. Zeeeerrroooo.

And they swear that this was legit.

The neighborhoods involved were the almost exclusively black sections of West and North Philadelphia.

There are skeptics: Steve Miskin, a spokesman for Republicans in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, who champions a voter-identification initiative, said, “We believe we need to continue ensuring the integrity of the ballot.”

Larry Sabato, a nationally respected political scientist at the University of Virginia, asserted, “Not a single vote for Romney or even an error? That’s worth looking into.”

This follows 2008, when McCain got zero votes in 57 Philadelphia voting divisions, as opposed to 2004, when George W. Bush was shut out in just five divisions.

The obvious reason is the presence of Barack Obama.


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