Union Boss Trumka: Fiscal Cliff a 'Manufactured Crisis'

Union Boss Trumka: Fiscal Cliff a 'Manufactured Crisis'

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka believes the so-called fiscal cliff is just a “manufactured crisis” that does not really exist.

“There is no fiscal cliff!” Trumka will say in a Washington, D.C. speech with liberal leaders and groups on Thursday. “What we’re facing is an obstacle course within a manufactured crisis that was hastily thrown together in response to inflated rhetoric about our federal deficit.”

The Union leader will go on to say that while America’s deficit is still a long-term problem and will then call for more government spending on what he will call “our real crisis” — unemployed workers, “a crumbling national infrastructure, an under-supported manufacturing sector.”

According to Trumka, only “significant federal investments” will “allow our economy to grow out of this crisis, instead of digging us further in.”

Trumka will dismiss what he calls the “deficit chatter” as merely a distraction.  


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