Planned Parenthood Celebrates 12 Adoptions in 7 Years

Planned Parenthood Celebrates 12 Adoptions in 7 Years

There’s not a lot to celebrate a Planned Parenthood, at least not when it comes to bringing children into the world.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana recently highlighted their success in facilitating adoptions with a statement on their website which read “we’re proud to announce that since 2006…PPIN has paved the way for at least 12 successfuladoptions.”

Twelve adoptions over seven years. It doesn’t seem all that impressive, especially when you consider that Planned Parenthood of Indiana has 28 locations around the state. According to PPIN’s own numbers, these locations saw a total of 79,240 unique patients in 2011 alone.

And perhaps the most pertinent statistic is this one. In 2011, Planned Parenthood of Indiana performed 5,250 abortions. Using this as a rough annual average would mean that for every adoption of an unborn child it facilitated, Planned Parenthood also “paved the way for” about 2,000 others to never get a chance at being wanted by someone else. Should you really be celebrating adoption when your main product is insuring it doesn’t happen?


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