REPORT: More Officials Fired over Operation Fast and Furious

REPORT: More Officials Fired over Operation Fast and Furious

More officials from President Barack Obama’s administration have been terminated because of Operation Fast and Furious, CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson reports.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) official William McMahon – who was in charge of field operations during the scandal – has been fired. However, his attorney Mark Zaid said “we will be appealing the decision.”

Attkisson adds that Mark Chait, who was ATF assistant director for field operations along with Bill Newell, who was Phoenix ATF’s Special Agent in Charge, and Newell’s top deputy George Gillett have all also reportedly been fired. None of them confirmed their reported termination, nor have their lawyers.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s chief of staff Gary Grindler – who was also intimately involved in Fast and Furious – resigned on Wednesday after announcing his plans to leave on Monday. David Voth, the group supervisor who led the team that ran Fast and Furious, and Hope MacCallister, the Fast and Furious case agent, also reportedly received reprimands for their roles in the scandal.

The family of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry – who was murdered with Fast and Furious weapons – praised the reported disciplinary actions in a statement. “The news that an ATF disciplinary panel has recommended the firing of four senior managers found to be responsible for implementing the failed strategy of walking guns in the botched gun trafficking investigation known as Operation Fast & Furious is welcomed news,” the Terry family said. “These officials lost sight of their primary mission which is to protect the American public and failed in their professional capacities as federal law enforcement officers.”

Town Hall magazine’s Katie Pavlich first reported many of these reprimand actions over the weekend. Pavlich also reported that many of these people are facing criminal charges.


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