Most Liberal Areas of NYC Hotbeds for STDs

Most Liberal Areas of NYC Hotbeds for STDs

The New York Post reports today that New York City’s trendiest areas are also the city’s worst for sexually transmitted diseases. A new study from the Department of Health shows that areas like SoHo and the Upper West Side are an order of magnitude higher than the city average in terms of syphilis transmission. Those areas are also, not coincidentally, the most liberal areas of the city.

The other areas that are most STD ravaged are in poverty-stricken areas: a full 68 percent of neighborhoods in the Bronx have “high” rates of multiple STDs; HIV is prevalent in Crown Heights, Williamsburg, and Harlem; areas like the South Bronx and northern Manhattan have tremendously elevated levels of chlamydia and gonorrhea.

The takeaway: If you want to avoid an STD, stick to the suburbs. Staten Island is, according to the study, the healthiest area in terms of STDs.


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