Lansing Mayor Tells Mob 'I Am Proud Of You' as City Erupts in Chaos

Lansing Mayor Tells Mob 'I Am Proud Of You' as City Erupts in Chaos

On Tuesday, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero declared his love for a mob occupying a building across the street from where he was speaking. Only a few hundred yards away and less than half an hour before his remarks, a mob had destroyed an Americans For Prosperity tent with people inside.

The mayor told the crowd: 

Welcome to Lansing! We are proud to have you here in our city. We welcome you with open arms. And I have to tell you my friends, my brothers and sisters, as ashamed as I am of what happened in that building [the Michigan Capitol], I am proud of you.

Across the street, a mob of SEIU loyalists had taken over the George Romney building as the mayor was giving his speech. Staging a sitdown protest and blocking the door of the building, a bullhorn weilding mob of would-be community organizers urged them on. 

Just 20 minutes before the speech where he expressed how proud he was of the protesters, an angry mob of them had leveled a tent with people from Americans For Prosperity inside. 

“You are a sight for sore eyes. I don’t know when downtown Lansing has ever looked this good,” Bernero declared. “Thank you for reminding everybody who this building and this flag belong to — It’s the people!” The mayor led the crowd in a chant about “the people” before concluding with “Damn right!”

Apparently, only “the people” who agree with the protesters’ agenda matter. Bernero then pivoted to Occupy-themed rhetoric to further incite the crowd:

This is the real Michigan. It ain’t the 1%, it’s the 99! It’s the 99! Who’s in charge? The 99! Who is it? Who counts? Who matters? Who’s in the charge? Who makes the rules?

Photo credit: Breitbart News/Lee Stranahan


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