Thousands Protest Right-To-Work Bill in Michigan

Thousands Protest Right-To-Work Bill in Michigan

As expected, thousands of the union faithful are descending on Lansing, Michigan today to protest right-to-work legislation that could up for a vote as early as noon Eastern time. 

Some in the crowd came out as early as 5 AM to stand in line to get into the capitol building, which has a capacity of approximately 2000 people. Meanwhile, thousands more protested outside in freezing temperatures as occasional snowflakes fell. The protest group represented a wide variety of the institutional left and Big Labor, including the United Auto Workers, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, teachers’ unions and even Planned Parenthood.

Combined with a speech that Pres. Obama made in Detroit yesterday criticizing right-to-work laws, the wide swath of institutional left groups show that Michigan has become the new Wisconsin, if only for a day. As an email directed to retired Michigan Education Association members said: “Take a lesson from Wisconsin, brothers and sisters, protests alone won’t do it. Cause mayhem!” 

The defiant crowd engaged in the usual round of chanting and fist waving. However, the bill seems on fast track for approval and word on the ground in Lansing is that the legislature plans to get its business over by noon.


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