Lansing Unions: Welcome to Obama-Occupied America

Lansing Unions: Welcome to Obama-Occupied America

While some were worried about mob violence if Mitt Romney had won the 2012 presidential election, keen observers of the Occupy Wall Street movement were far more concerned about what would happen if President Obama prevailed. 

Barely a month after the reelection of the Community-Organizer-In-Chief, those fears have come to fruition as the President and his progressive partners in crime pulled off a well-planned protest that turned pugilistic. 

Welcome to Obama-Occupied America.

As Team Breitbart exposed in the film Occupy Unmasked, the Occupy Movement did not start on Wall Street and did not end when the tents came down. The Occupy Movement is the radical left, reenergized and reimagined for the age of Obama.

What happened in Lansing Tuesday is the template for the deliberately unlawful and increasingly violent staged antics that we can except from the progressive coalition in the coming years. This was not just a union protest. Elements from seemingly unrelated to right-to-work causes such as the environmental movement and Planned Parenthood also there in force. They brought out their members as part of a quid pro quo with the organized muscle of big labor.

Anyone who has seen Occupy Unmasked knows that the unions were an integral part of the Occupy movement. They literally had booths set up in Zuccotti Park, and any time there was a large-scale march that was attributed to Occupy, the union were the ones actually providing the bodies.

The unions are the glue that connects the Obama administration to the more radical forces on the left, which is exactly why right-to-work legislation is such a dangerous threat. Anything that decreases the union’s coffers and therefore influence on the Democratic Party is something that the institutional left is going to need to put a stop to.

There were Occupy connections everywhere in Lansing. Radical anarchist community organizer Lisa Fithian was in Michigan doing training over the weekend in preparation for the protest. Everyone from UAW President Bob King to the mayor of Lansing made reference to the Occupy 99% meme. At one point outside the Americans For Prosperity tent right before it was destroyed, a figure in a Guy Fawkes was seen among the protesters.

Were the teachers, carpenters and truck drivers who made up the majority of the protesters aware of these far left connections? Of course not. The elite leaders of the Left like to leave the 99% in the dark as much as possible about their true motives and organizational structure.

The protests in Lansing were about anger and revenge, nothing more. The right to work legislation was going to pass and everyone knew it. This was a way to do what community organizing was created to do – stir up discontent. It was designed to get people angry and then hope that anger would turn into intimidation and violence, what the Occupy movement likes to call “direct action.”

Ask the people trapped inside the collapsing Americans For Prosperity tent what direct action looks like, as protesters danced on the tent with people still inside. Ask Steven Crowder what direct action looks like, as a sucker punch came flying at his face. It was mob rule in Michigan on Tuesday, and it’s just the beginning.


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