Clinton doesn't believe she'll run in 2016

Clinton doesn't believe she'll run in 2016

Outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said again Wednesday she has no plans to make a second bid to be America’s first woman president.

However, in good diplomatic fashion Clinton, who remains the most popular figure in the Obama cabinet, said “all doors are open” in the future.

She confirmed to Walters, who had selected the nation’s top diplomat as one of her “10 Most Fascinating People of 2012,” that she plans to step down as soon as her successor is sworn in and there has been a smooth transition.

But having just turned 65, Clinton ruled out age as a factor in determining whether she would run in the 2016 presidential election.

Ironically, the interview was filmed before the normally indefatigable Clinton was felled by a stomach virus which she caught on her return from a trip to Europe and which has kept her out of the public eye since the weekend.

Clinton also joked with Walters about people’s fascination and obsession with her hair, admitting she doesn’t travel with a hairstylist, and so has let it grow longer.

Since taking up her post almost four years ago, Clinton has kept up a relentless pace, visiting some 112 countries and is on track to rack up a million miles on the job, making her the most traveled secretary of state ever.


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