Dem Lawmaker: Obama Must 'Exploit' School Shooting To Get Gun Control

Dem Lawmaker: Obama Must 'Exploit' School Shooting To Get Gun Control

Dem. Rep. Jerrold Nadler is at least being honest about how he, and no doubt many Leftists, would like to feast off an unthinkable tragedy and exploit it in order to pursue a nonsensical agenda that would ensure only bad guys have guns. Last night on “The Ed Show,” Nadler openly called for President Obama to “exploit” the murder of 20 children, “I think we will be there if the president exploits it, and otherwise we’ll go on to the next.”

In his statement to the country yesterday, while he wasn’t specific about what action he intended to take, President Obama did make clear that action would be forthcoming. Obama also hinted that this action would be politically divisive when he warned that “meaningful action” would need to be taken “regardless of the politics.”

As we all know this is a “never let a crisis go to waste” president and party. And what we now have is Nadler, a powerful Democrat, already eager to “exploit” raw emotions and the massacre of children in order to push an issue Democrats have considered politically untouchable since Al Gore lost his home state of Tennessee, and along with it, the White House, during his 2000 presidential bid.

Culturally, politically, intellectually, and in the Supreme Court, Democrats long ago lost in their unconstitutional crusade to grab our guns, a crusade they had been waging for decades. But as is the case with all things Leftist, the battle is never really over. These are mercenary opportunists always biding their time, always waiting to strike, and always willing to exploit even the most unspeakable of events if it means any kind of political advantage.

It’s also a “damn the facts” crusade. There’s no question guns make us safer and that the only way to prevent these kinds of tragedies is to have a trained and armed citizenry able to defend itself when faced with a madman. It’s a no-brainer that willing teachers should be armed and trained. At the very least, an armed security guard should be stationed at every school. The result would not only offer resistance in the face of an armed attacker, but also a deterrent.

If you want to attract a mass shooter, create a gun-free zone where these murderers know no one can fight back. On the other hand, if these killers knew there was a good chance armed and trained individuals were in that building, they might be a little more reluctant to enter that building.

These are common sense solutions. But the left has a bigger goal, and that’s to disarm the law-abiding.  Guns represent individualism and the ability to take care of one’s self — two values anathema to leftism itself. This is an ideology that wants its citizenry docile, vulnerable, and most of all, dependant on government for everything, including the ability to protect ourselves and those we love.

We must remind the public that the result of the Left winning the battle to take our guns would only mean more school shootings. It’s just a fact that those capable of such evil will always have access to guns in the same way those who want anything else prohibited (guns, gambling, prostitution) always get what they want. But now this evil will know that any new gun control laws have only made us a society of sitting ducks.

This is a price the Left is willing to pay to consolidate their power around Mother Government. And in the coming days, the media will also prove its willingness to pay this same price. They will attempt to turn “gun control” into compassion and opposition to it into gun nuttery.  

It will be a tough fight as all Orwellian fights are, but we must wade in … for the sake of the children.


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