Rest in Peace, Brian Terry

Rest in Peace, Brian Terry

Two years ago today, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry lost his life. He was shot on December 14, 2010 by someone using a gun from the government’s gun-walking scheme Operation Fast and Furious.

But this post is not about Fast and Furious. It’s about Brian, a man who devoted his life to public safety. 

Brian loved life and lived every day to the fullest. He was a leader and role model to those around him. His favorite advice to others included there are no short cuts to success and that “you must put in the work” to succeed. When Brian wanted to do something, he did it. No one or nothing kept him down. 

Right after high school, he joined the United States Marines. After his duty was up, he returned to Michigan and became a police officer, a life long dream, in his home town. But that was not enough for him. He wanted to do more. He decided to become a border patrol agent. He graduated at the top of the class and became one of the best agents the Border Patrol had. 

Still, Brian was not satisfied and wanted to achieve the very best. Brian wanted to be a member of the Border Patrol’s elite BORTAC team, which is often described as the equivalent to the Navy SEALs. He pursued this mission despite people being skeptical because of his age. Brian succeeded, graduated at the top of his class again, and was one of the best agents on the team. 

I asked family and friends what they remember most about Brian, and they all had different answers, except one. Every single person brought up how he was a neat freak. He would not leave for school until his bed was made. His teachers remember how he would stay inside from recess to clean up. His house in Arizona was always immaculate, with everything in its right place.  

Brian left behind a mother, Josie, and father, Kent. He has three siblings: Kent, Michelle, and Kelly. His mother was his best friend. Even though he was extremely confident, he relied on his mother for strength. He needed her reassurance that whatever he was doing was right. The four siblings were very close, and he even stood up for their weddings and was a godfather to a few of his nieces and nephews. 

You can help keep Brian’s memory alive by helping out the family’s Honor Brian Terry Foundation. Brian was one of a kind and should never be forgotten. He gave his life to keep this country safe. 

Rest in peace,Brian Terry. 


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