Feds Raid Store Where Lanza's Mother Bought Guns

Feds Raid Store Where Lanza's Mother Bought Guns

The gun store where Nancy Lanza, mother of Adam Lanza, bought her guns was raided by Federal agents from the Bureau of alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Thursday.

Riverview Sales, in East Windsor, Connecticut, was raided at roughly 5:15 p.m. Lanza had used one or more of the guns in the massacre that were sold to his mother at the store.

The ostensible reason for the raid was that the store has been robbed at least twice recently, once to steal an AR-15 and once for a .50 caliber gun. Both thefts were said to be by a man with a history of mental illness. Law enforcement officials say they feared the man planned to perpetrate an attack similar to Lanza’s.

The plaza where the store is located was cordoned off by local policemen while the agents investigated.

Photo: Riverview Gun Sales