Chicago: One and a Half People Killed Every Day in 2012 Despite Gun Laws

Chicago: One and a Half People Killed Every Day in 2012 Despite Gun Laws

Chicago has long been the proving ground for gun-grabbers’ anti-2nd Amendment zeal. And with the most draconian gun control laws in the land, you’d think it would be an idyllic oasis of safety: a place where violence and evil have no place. 

However, the fact is, Chicago is an extremely violent city because criminals possess the largest portion of guns there. And in 2012 alone, 1.5 people died each day after being shot by bad people with guns.

Think about it — Chicago long ago went in the very direction Barack Obama, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), and Mayor Michael Bloomberg want our entire country to go with in regard to gun laws. And has this made the city safer? Absolutely not. Instead, 532 people were killed by criminals with guns in Chicago during the 2012 calendar year alone.

And don’t forgot, apart from those who were killed, over 440 school age children were shot and wounded in Chicago during 2012 as well. This is a pertinent piece of information for many weak-kneed Republicans who suddenly find themselves open to gun control arguments following the Sandy Hook shooting. It is pertinent because it clearly demonstrates that if we implement Chicago-like gun control on a national level, we can count on many more children dying at the hands of criminals with guns. 

Chicago is Obama’s blueprint for national gun control. And as the numbers demonstrate, it’s a horrific blueprint. 

One and a half people a day die in Chicago where Obama’s gun control solutions are already in place. Just think of how many people will die if we’re foolish enough to put them in place for the entire country.


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