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Man Uses Gun to Protect Two-Month Old Son from Armed Robber

Man Uses Gun to Protect Two-Month Old Son from Armed Robber

A man used his gun to protect himself and his two-month old son from a robber in Columbus, Ohio.

Kelby Smith was in the driveway of his brother’s house when a man approached him, put a pistol to his head, and demanded money. While Mr. Smith handed him money he also drew his own weapon. The robber grabbed the money and ran.

But he turned around and pointed the gun at Mr. Smith and his baby. Mr. Smith quickly shot the robber while shielding his baby from the robber.

The robber continued to run, but was found at a nearby hospital. He is now under police guard while he recovers.

Mr. Smith does have a concealed carry permit. Authorities on the scene said they believe he was acting out of self-defense. The police are still investigating and will arrest the man if he is the robber.

This is the second case in less than a week of a parent using a gun to protect their children. Last Friday a mother shot an intruder to protect herself and her twin sons.

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