Poll: 75% Support Congressional Term Limits

Poll: 75% Support Congressional Term Limits

A new Gallup poll finds that 75% of Americans support term limits for members of Congress.

Support for limiting congressional terms varied by partisanship: 82% of Republicans said they would vote “for” term limits versus 79% of Independents and 65% of Democrats who responded similarly.  A respondent’s age appeared not to be a factor in the way they responded.

The Gallup poll’s finding of broad support for term limits comes as other polls have reported deep dissatisfaction with congressional performance.  Rasmussen Reports, for example, found that just 5% of likely U.S. voters rate Congress’s performance as good or excellent and 69% say its performance is “poor.” 

The Gallup poll also found that 63% of Americans support abolishing the Electoral College.

“Despite sharp polarization of the parties on many issues in 21st century politics, Republicans and Democrats broadly agree on both longstanding election reform proposals,” reported Gallup.

Gallup’s survey was based on a sample of 1,013 U.S. adults and was taken January 8-9, 2013.


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