Sen. Schumer: NRA Fringe Group, Doesn't Represent Average Gun Owners

Sen. Schumer: NRA Fringe Group, Doesn't Represent Average Gun Owners

In comments made Friday, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said the National Rifle Association (NRA) is a “fringe group” that is “very extreme.”

Moreover, according to Schumer, the NRA doesn’t “represent average gun [owners].” 

Schumer says that during the 1990s the NRA used their lobbying power to fill background checks with loopholes, thus leading to a situation where “40 percent of all guns sold in American have no [background] check.”

You’ll recall that Obama also used this “40 percent” claim when pushing for more gun control earlier in the week. This claim goes back to a 2011 study by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, where secondary, private guns were lumped in with new guns sales in an attempt to justify saying guns were entering the marketplace with no background checks whatsoever.  

As I explained in a post on Jan. 17, the truth is that people like Obama and Schumer are guessing that 40 percent of all guns don’t have paperwork on them because they were sold before background checks were put in place. Now they are using the “40 percent” figure to make Americans accept universal background checks, which will entail gun registration and help gun grabbers develop a paper trail on all weapons. 

Nevertheless, even though the 40 percent figure is wrong, Schumer says he is going to “push hard” to stop these gun sales and while he’s at it, he’s going to try to implement limits on magazine capacity.

He’s going to do all this, yet call the NRA extreme?



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