Wayne LaPierre: NRA Ready to 'Stand and Fight'

Wayne LaPierre: NRA Ready to 'Stand and Fight'

The NRA has scheduled a number of public appearances for Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre in the coming weeks, all of which are intended to show that the NRA is going to “stand and fight” for the 2nd Amendment during Obama’s second term.

The first of these appearances takes place Tuesday night, Jan. 22nd, when LaPierre will speak at the 56th Annual Weatherby Foundation International Hunting and Conservation Award Dinner.

At the dinner, LaPierre will give the NRA’s official response to Obama’s inauguration speech and will assure gun owners and Constitutional proponents that the NRA is determined to see the 2nd Amendment preserved for future generations.

The speech will mark the launch of the NRA’s Stand and Fight initiative

A live stream of LaPierre’s speech can be viewed at www.nra.org Tuesday night at 10:40 PM EST.


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