Anti-Gun Bills Shot Down in Virginia Legislature

Anti-Gun Bills Shot Down in Virginia Legislature

For all the momentum 2nd Amendment detractors seemed to have at their disposal with their politicization of the Sandy Hook tragedy, pro-gun Virginia legislators have proven very successful at shooting down multiple anti-gun measures already this year. 

Included in the defeated bills are the following:

  • SB 785 – Would have made a gun owner liable if his gun was taken and misused.
  • SB 1281 – Would have required “universal background checks” in Virginia.
  • SB 1136/SB 1232 – Both would have required “universal background checks.”
  • SB 1012 – To prohibit guns in the General Assembly except by legislators and police.
  • SB 1148 – Ban on magazines holding more than 10 rounds.

Another bill (SB 1001), aimed at ending the “gun show loophole,” was defeated as well. However, supporters may try to re-introduce it to the legislature, making it a bill Virginia gun owners need to keep an eye on.


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