WI Dems Push to Ban Hunting, Self-Defense Ammunition

WI Dems Push to Ban Hunting, Self-Defense Ammunition

Wisconsin Dem. state senator Nikiya Harris and Democrat state reps. Mandela Barnes, Evan Goyke, and Fred Kessler are all pushing for a ban on hollow-point ammunition in the state.

According to the bill, “whoever intentionally sells, transports, or possesses any bullet that expands or flattens easily in the human body is guilty of a class H felony.”

Not only would this ban outlaw 99% of all self-defense ammunition on the market, it would also outlaw most hunting ammunition. 

Regarding self-defense ammunition, the ban is philosophically flawed because it means a victim under duress, and under attack, will not get the advantage of defending his or her life with ammo designed to stop attackers quickly. 

Regarding hunting ammo, the ban would actually be in conflict with other Wisconsin statutes requiring hunters to use expanding bullets in order to guarantee a quicker killIn fact, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regulations currently ban the use of “non expanding-type bullets or ammunition.”

This bill is senseless, as is every facet of the war of the guns. 


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