Lindsey Graham Boasts About Dinner with Obama

Lindsey Graham Boasts About Dinner with Obama

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) released a statement Thursday boasting about his dinner with Barack Obama. He made the following statement after meeting with the President: 

Last night’s dinner with President Obama and my Republican colleagues was productive and substantive. I hope it will serve as the beginning of a new, long-overdue paradigm where people in elected office actually begin talking to each other about meaningful issues.  

While Graham and his pals like John McCain were genuflecting before the president, Rand Paul was filibustering on the Senate floor, accompanied by Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. The difference between the old guard and the new guard of the GOP has never been so clear.

Graham continued, “The discussions with the President about our long-term budget problems were candid and differences in philosophy were apparent. However, also apparent was common ground on how to move forward.”

In lockstep with Obama, one would presume.

“One thing I am certain of — the perpetual campaign will not solve the nation’s problems.” 

Oooh, there’s a real cotton bullet aimed at the president. Look out!

“Finally, I shared with my colleagues there is no dishonor in trying and failing to solve big problems,” his letter stated. “The long-term budgetary problems we discussed last night have defied bipartisan solutions for far too long. I’m ready to try to solve the serious, long-term budget problems our country faces and can accept failure as an outcome. But I cannot accept not trying.”

Not trying for what? Compromise? But that’s all establishment Republicans are famous for; that’s what triggered the formation of the Tea Party.

Graham has it wrong. There is no dishonor in holding steadfast to conservative principles, win or lose. There is only dishonor in betraying the trust of the conservative voters who elected you.


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