Obama Job Approval Collapses to 44%

Obama Job Approval Collapses to 44%

**UPDATE: This is a poll of voters in the bellwether swing-state of Pennsylvania, a state Obama won by a margin of 52.6 to 46.6.

A Quinnipiac poll released today confirms what we’re seeing throughout the polling world about the state of President Obama’s approval rating: It’s nose-diving. According to Quinnipiac, in just forty-five days, Obama’s approval rating in Pennsylvania has dived 7 points, from 51% to 44%. Meanwhile, his disapproval rating soared from 46% to 51%.

Though the Washington Post covered Obama’s fall from public grace yesterday, the media as a whole has entered a conspiracy of silence to avoid any kind of Narrative about the President’s lost ground since his shameful Chicken Little-ing of sequester. Obviously, the media knows that calling attention to Obama’s weakening poll numbers will only add to his troubles, so they are hoping to ride this out in the hopes thing improve.

But with poll after poll after poll only showing things only getting worse for the president, these approval ratings are quickly becoming the elephant in the media room.


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