Poll: 52% Disapprove Of Obama's Handling of Gun Control

Poll: 52% Disapprove Of Obama's Handling of Gun Control

The only polls the media seem interested in reporting on are those that back their ongoing culture war against the NRA and Red State gun owners — especially those misleading polls that show 80 to 90% of the American people favor tightening background checks.

Polls the media coordinate to cover up, though, are much more telling, especially the one released today showing that 52% of the American people disapprove of Obama on the issue of gun control.

Buried five paragraphs into a Wednesday Associated Press article

Just over half the public – 52 percent – expressed disapproval in the new survey of how President Barack Obama has handled gun laws. Weeks after the Newtown slayings, Obama made a call for near universal background checks the heart of his gun control plan.

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey adds:

This comes from the same poll that gives Obama a 49/43 approval rating on immigration, so it’s not merely the result of an outlier sample.  Furthermore, while Democrats have been obsessing over gun-control proposals that would have had no impact on the incidents exploited by them in the push, the rest of America has been left wondering about their priorities.

Another poll the media is ignoring is this one from Gallup showing that only 4% of the public believes gun control is an important issue.


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