Women Skipping Yoga Studio for Gun Range

Women Skipping Yoga Studio for Gun Range

The gun market for women is exploding, with increasing numbers purchasing guns, getting concealed carry permits, and attending in-depth self-defense handgun courses around the country.

Women of all walks of life–“moms, consultants, bankers, co-eds”–have found that having a gun close at hand is the surest way to be able to protect one’s self and one’s family.

Moms and daughters are taking gun classes together, as are female coworkers and room mates. To do so, they are passing on stereotypical outings–“shopping” or “yoga”–for time at the gun range. 

Tracy Maalouf, a female physician’s assistant taking a handgun self-defense course, described the process of familiarizing herself with guns as “overcoming something.” She said the thing that women overcome is “fear.” 

Maalouf said women are not typically associated with guns but that women need to “get to that point where [they’re] not afraid of the gun.”


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