Senators to Hagel: Explain DOD Policy on Religion

Senators to Hagel: Explain DOD Policy on Religion

Due to the growing controversy since Breitbart News reported the Pentagon’s meetings with anti-Christian extremist Mikey Weinstein–meetings that began in the early days of the Obama administration–several senators are now formally looking for answers from Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Mike Lee (R-UT) sent a joint letter to Hagel at the Pentagon today. The letter begins, “We are very concerned that potential changes could endanger the rights of members of the armed services to practice and share their faith.”

The senators then state the case for congressional involvement. They express the concern that, “Policies that prohibit discussion of religious matters by military members could create a chilling effect on members of the armed services of any faith and have an adverse effect on recruitment and retention efforts and the morale of the troops.”

The senators close by requesting that Hagel confirm that all current Pentagon policies on religious expression comply with Section 533 of the NDAA, which we reported upon yesterday.

Breitbart News legal columnist Ken Klukowski is senior fellow for religious liberty at the Family Research Council and on faculty at Liberty University School of Law.  


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