Palin: 'Corrupt' IRS Also Tasked with Enforcing Obamacare

Palin: 'Corrupt' IRS Also Tasked with Enforcing Obamacare

After the IRS admitted to and apologized on Friday for targeting Tea Party groups during the 2012 election, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin reminded Americans that the “corrupt” IRS will also be in charge of implementing Obamacare. She called for the IRS to be investigated and insisted that House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) also create a select committee to investigate the Benghazi cover-up.

“Between the Benghazi cover-up and the IRS targeting Obama’s political opponents, we see the corruption at the heart of big government,” Palin wrote. “Americans should remember that this same corrupt IRS will be in charge of enforcing Obamacare. And this same inept and corrupt government will supposedly secure our now unsecured borders in advance of immigration reform and will implement a completely ethical and non-political IPAB panel to make life and death health care decisions for you and your family.”

Palin wrote that some Americans, like Mark Levin, knew the IRS was targeting Tea Party groups, but they felt “defenseless and even helpless against a government that seems to roll along without accountability or sense of obligation to the people it’s supposed to serve.”

“These Americans were mocked for being concerned about this, but now we see light shining on the truth, finally,” Palin wrote. 

Palin said the IRS revelation is “another step in the unraveling of the Obama administration’s self-proclaimed ‘hope and change.'” She said she believed this “fundamental transformation” of America is only temporary but could become permanent if “we throw up our hands and surrender to the corruption and cover-ups.”

“On the IRS scandal, we must have accountability and a full investigation. On Benghazi, Speaker Boehner must create a Select Committee with full investigative and subpoena authority to get to the bottom of the cover-up,” Palin wrote. “I’m sure President Obama is grateful for all the help the IRS gave his reelection campaign, but, still, you have to wonder how the bureaucrats who tried to pull this off can sleep at night.”

She added, “We must demand more light shine on all that’s transpiring in D.C.’s self-absorbed bubble.”


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