North Carolina Abortion Clinic Shut Down: Danger To Public Health And Safety

North Carolina Abortion Clinic Shut Down: Danger To Public Health And Safety

An abortion clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina has been shut down in the wake of an investigation that revealed abortionists were incorrectly administering abortion drugs to their clients. The Preferred Women’s Health Center (PWHC) failed a second inspection in four months and was found to pose a threat to public health and safety.

The Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR) summarily suspended PWHC’s certificate to operate based on an inspection that was conducted in response to a complaint.

The DHSR stated:

This Summary Suspension is based on this agency’s findings that conditions at A Preferred Women’s Health Center, LLC, present an imminent danger to the health, safety and welfare of the clients and that emergency action is required to protect the clients.

Operation Rescue, a pro-life advocacy organization, indicates that a report from an inspection conducted on April 20th revealed that PWHC was found to be improperly dispensing the abortion drug Methotrexate in a dangerous manner, contrary to the manufacturer’s specifications and FDA guidelines. The clinic was administering the intravenous version of the drug orally, causing failed abortions that then required surgery.

Methotrexate is a drug used to treat cancer, but has been found to be effective in inducing abortions. By dispensing the drug orally, dosages are unpredictable, and the wrong dosage of the powerful drug can cause incomplete abortion, heavy bleeding, liver damage, and even death. According to the report, at least one patient at the clinic was forced to undergo surgery following a botched methotrexate abortion.

The inspector interviewed the abortionist who denied responsibility for the administration of the drugs he prescribes.

According to the report:

The physician stated that he had worked at the clinic 14 years and until two years ago, the clinic gave Methotrexate intramuscular. The physician stated around two years ago the administration decided to begin giving the Methotrexate injectable orally. The physician stated, “I don’t order (the medication). The clinic decides. I just sign. Oral or Injectable is not indicated on the order. The nurse and clinic are independent from me. I leave it to the clinic to decide. I have never seen the (Methotrexate) pill used here.”

The two abortionists employed by PWHC are Stuart Lee Schnider and Ron Virmani. Schnider was sued in 2002 after a botched abortion that resulted in a total hysterectomy. Last year, Virmani was caught on video (see below) ranting to pro-life activists that he aborted “those ugly black babies” because he did not want his tax dollars going to support them.

Last year, Operation Rescue worked with local activists who filed complaints against PWHC that led to an inspection last December. DHSR made an unannounced visit to the clinic and issued citations for the following violations:

  • Failure to ensure staff were trained and competent to use medical equipment at the facility.
  • Failure to follow their transfer policy.
  • Failure to maintain a clean and sanitary environment.
  • Failure to remove expired drugs and secure medication properly.

In the current inspection report, state investigators also found that PWHC repeatedly failed to examine women to ensure that no fetal body parts were left inside them after abortion. Failure to remove all fetal remains can lead to infection, sepsis, and death.

Rev. Flip Benham of Operation Save American, a pro-life organization, was interviewed by LifeSiteNews.

Benham said:

Abortionists [today] are the back-alley abortionists of yesteryear. They’ve just crawled out from underneath that rock because [abortion is] legal now.  If the health department would inspect every clinic and hold them to the same standard as even a veterinary clinic, they’d all be shut down… This is a filthy, disgusting business.  It’s not that Gosnell is an anomaly or an aberration.  It’s endemic to the industry itself.

PWHC operates a second clinic in Raleigh.


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