Texas Lt. Gov. Demands Investigation of Abortionist After Video Exposé

Texas Lt. Gov. Demands Investigation of Abortionist After Video Exposé

The lieutenant governor of Texas, David Dewhurst, demanded an investigation Wednesday of an abortionist whose employees claim he twisted the heads off of babies who were born alive during abortion procedures.

A new video exposé released Tuesday of the Aaron Women’s Clinic in Houston, one of three clinics owned by abortionist Douglas Karpen, depicts gruesome details of the practices of an abortionist who is currently facing a criminal investigation for allegedly allowing late-term babies to be born alive then twisting their heads off with his bare hands.

According to LifeNews, three former employees of Karpen’s brought forward photos taken on their cell phones at his clinic on Schumacher Lane in Houston. The photos depicted two babies aborted well beyond the legal limit of 24 weeks in Texas. The babies’ necks had been cut.

“In a week when serial murderer Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of killing babies, I read with disgust about the allegations of Houston-based abortionist Douglas Karpen performing illegal late-term abortions surrounded by appalling sanitary conditions in his clinic,” Dewhurst said. “The Harris County authorities should perform a full-scale investigation and take action against those who broke state law.” 

In the new video produced by Life Dynamics, a national pro-life organization, the three former employees of abortionist Karpen allege that the Kermit Gosnell “house of horrors” abortion clinic was not the anomaly that the abortion industry says it is.

“Most of the time the fetus would come all the way out before he either cut the spinal cord or introduced one of the instruments into the soft-spot of the fetus in order to kill the fetus,” said Deborah Edge, one of the whistleblowers. “Either that or twisting the head off the neck with his own bare hands.”

Edge added, “Most of the time we’d see… the fetus would come all the way out, and of course the fetus was still alive.” Edge claimed that the doctor’s assistants could see the newborns breathing.

Edge claimed Karpen also suffocated babies by putting his finger down their windpipes and placed living babies inside trash bags.

“I think every morning I saw several of them,” she said. Of the 20 babies aborted in a day, Edge alleged that three to four of them were “completely delivered” before being killed.

The former employee asserted that one baby, whom the doctor believed had died during the abortion, was actually born alive. Edge said the baby opened its eyes and even clutched Karpen’s finger.

“On some occasions, we had women that were, the fetuses were falling into the toilet,” Edge said. She claimed that, on one occasion, a baby who was intended to be aborted in the office of the clinic was delivered into a toilet in a McDonald’s and left to die.

“They stopped there in the morning, and the fetus was left in the toilet,” Edge said. “No one ever found out whose fetus it was, but it was one of his patients. We knew it… she was supposed to be in the clinic.”

Another whistleblower, Krystal Rodriguez, said she witnessed one baby born alive on the hallway floor of the clinic. According to Rodriguez, Karpen “put it in a trash bag.”

Rodriguez also accused the abortionist of showing disregard for the safety of his patients. She indicated that he would sometimes insert the instruments through the woman’s stomach if it was the easiest way to kill the baby.

Edge also claimed that she routinely observed Karpen “hurting patients on the table” and not telling victims of botched abortions that he had lacerated their cervix or uterus.

A third former employee, Gigi Aguilar, alleged, “If he had a patient that asked a lot of questions, he would prefer for them to be put to sleep.”

“The women who go there had no idea what they were getting themselves into,” Edge said.

Operation Rescue, a pro-life group, first discovered that Karpen appeared to be violating the Texas informed consent law which requires abortionists to give state-mandated information personally to patients, in early 2011. The group found out that Karpen was providing the information on a recording to prospective patients and was not on the line to answer questions as required by law.

Operation Rescue also discovered that Karpen had a documented history of botched abortions going back to 1988, when a 15-year old girl hemorrhaged and died after a 26-week abortion performed by Karpen.

Mark Crutcher, who founded Life Dynamics in 1992, said about the investigation:

During Gosnell’s trial, it became clear that organizations like Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation, and others within the pro-choice community were fully aware of what Gosnell was doing- but they kept quiet because this was a rock they did not want the public looking under. What they knew, and wanted to keep hidden, was that everything being done at this abortion clinic was within the standard operating procedures for every other abortion clinic in the country.”

Lila Rose, president of pro-life organization Live Action, provided the following statement to Breitbart News about the Life Dynamics video release of the Texas abortion clinic:

Yesterday, Life Dynamics Inc. released the testimony of former abortion workers whose experiences in the industry further prove that the Gosnell “House of Horrors” is not an isolated case. Similar human rights abuses take place daily in abortion centers across the country. More and more evidence is emerging to reveal the brutality of abortion, the general filthiness of abortion facilities, and the unscrupulousness of abortion practitioners. For the safety of women and children, it is imperative that authorities and health officials from the highest levels down investigate and close abortion centers that engage in the barbaric and inhuman practices on which Life Dynamics has shone new light.

As of the filming of the video exposé, this abortion facility remains open to the public.


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