Black Conservatives Speak out on Illegal Immigration

Black Conservatives Speak out on Illegal Immigration

The people pushing Comprehensive Immigration Reform don’t want you to hear a diversity of voices on the topic, hoping instead to crush debate as they ram their legislation through Congress. This is especially true with black Americans, among whom the Democratic playbook is to assign ‘community leaders’ that they claim speak for all. 

While Obama allies like the NAACP’s Ben Jealous and MSNBC host Al Sharpton have been pushing the Gang of Eight’s comprehensive immigration reform agenda, they are merely towing the company line.

Breitbart News spoke to three prominent black conservatives at the recent @Large conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and they brought present day and historical perspective on subjects like asslimiation, the strong-arm political tactics of the left and the conditions that caused the immigration problem in the first place.

See what the mainstream media isn’t showing you in our interviews with former Congressional candidate Bill Marcy, founder of the Fredrick Douglass Republicans Carl Smith, and star of the film Runaway Slave, the Rev. C.L. Bryant. 


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