Holder Misses Deadline to Explain Misleading Testimony

Holder Misses Deadline to Explain Misleading Testimony
Attorney General Eric Holder missed a deadline on Wednesday to explain his May 15 testimony before Congress in which he may have perjured himself. Holder was testifying then about his role in obtaining phone records from AP reporters.
Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee set a Wednesday deadline, but Holder did not respond, according to Fox News. 
As Fox News noted, Holder said he did not know anything about the “potential prosecution” of journalists during his May 15 testimony when discussing the Justice Department’s role in getting phone records of AP reporters. It was then revealed that Holder signed off on the subpoena to obtain the phone and personal email records of Fox News reporter James Rosen. 
The Justice Department sent a letter to Republicans on the Committee earlier this week claiming there was no intention to prosecute Rosen. 
“The Attorney General’s testimony before the Committee on May 15, 2013, with respect to the Department’s prosecutions of the unauthorized disclosure of classified information was accurate and consistent with these facts,” the letter reportedly said. 
It was signed, though, by the “principal deputy assistant attorney general.” 
Republicans on the Committee said a letter from Holder’s subordinate did not suffice and indicated they may call Holder again before the Committee to explain his May 15 remarks. 


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