Hillary Clinton's Favorability Tumbles

Hillary Clinton's Favorability Tumbles

Remember that whole media/Democrat meme earlier this year about The Greatest Secretary of State Ever! Yeah, well, that 2016 propaganda push is finally starting to wear off. In a new Gallup poll, Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating has tumbled 6 points, to 58%. Meanwhile, her unfavorable rating has jumped 8 points to 39%.

Those are still very good numbers. But the dip does show that the Benghazi scandal has finally taken a toll on a one-time Secretary of State who left office in a wave of media championing unseen since the reign of the Egyptian Pharaohs. The scandal, which has mainly focused on the CIA talking points, hasn’t even yet hit on the State Department’s appalling security lapses.

This is the kind of drip-drip-drip that is certain to be litigated if and when Clinton throws her hat in the 2016 ring (though the media will surely do everything in its power to ensure the truth never gets out).

Also on the horizon is a new State Department scandal that broke Monday. According to CBS News, “documents that show the State Department may have covered up allegations of illegal and inappropriate behavior within their ranks.”

That inappropriate behavior included sexual assault, and the “endemic” solicitation of prostitutes and drugs. This scandal includes a U.S. ambassador.

Oh, and the whole thing was covered up by senior officials within the State Department.  

Drugs, hookers sexual assaults, cover-ups, talking points edited from truth to lie, and consulates left vulnerable to terror attacks….

Who was minding the State Department, anyway?


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