Palin: 'Special Interest' Amnesty Bill Rewards 'Rule Breakers'

Palin: 'Special Interest' Amnesty Bill Rewards 'Rule Breakers'

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said the Senate’s “special interest” immigration bill rewards “rule breakers” and was not the way to rebuild a conservative majority in America of people who want to restore the country’s founding principles. 

“Let’s not kid ourselves,” Palin said while speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s “Road to Majority” conference on Saturday.  

She said the Senate’s immigration bill not only panders but also rewards “rule breakers.” She also pointed out the border security provisions in the bill do not have teeth in criticizing the “special-interest-written amnesty bill.”

She also poked fun at Jeb Bush’s comments at the conference on Friday in which he said he supported immigration reform because immigrants were “more fertile.”

She said it was “dangerous territory” to have immigration debates concerning “one race’s fertility rate over another.”

“And I say this from someone who’s kinda fertile herself,” Palin zinged. 

She said such debates are not where the country should go in deciding how to “incentivize” immigrants who want to get in line and follow the law versus “those whose very first act on our soil is to break the law.”


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