Glenn Beck to Speak at Steve King's Immigration Event at Capitol Wednesday

Glenn Beck to Speak at Steve King's Immigration Event at Capitol Wednesday

On Friday Congressman Steve King (R-IA) announced he will be hosting a day long press conference/Lincoln-Douglas style debate on the “Gang of 8” immigration bill this Wednesday on the East Lawn of the Capitol grounds. King’s event will begin at 9 am, break at noon so participants can walk to the West Lawn to join the two hour “Audit the IRS” rally hosted by the Tea Party Patriots at noon that day, then will resume at 2 pm and continue until 5 pm. 

Speakers will include members of Congress opposed to the Gang of 8 immigration bill like King, Michele Bachmann (R-MN), and Louie Gohmert (R-TX), as well as other high profile opponents of the bill, the most prominent of whom is radio talk show host Glenn Beck. King, Bachmann, and Gohmert appeared on Glenn Beck’s television and radio programs on Thursday to discuss the event.

In a released statement sent to his colleagues in the House of Representatives and members of the media, Congressman King said that he decided to host the event on the East Lawn because “members of Congress are unlikely to get a full debate [on the merits of the Gang of 8 bill] inside the halls of Congress, so we are taking the debate outside its halls.”

King told his fellow Congressmen, “I would like to give you the opportunity to take the stage and speak and perhaps debate about border security, and immigration philosophies.”

A spokesperson for Congressman King told Breitbart News “it’s going to be a very fluid event, Members, special guests, taking turns defending the Rule of Law.” The spokesperson confirmed that Glenn Beck will be speaking at the event.


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