Dems Offer Free 'I HEART ObamaCare' Stickers

Dems Offer Free 'I HEART ObamaCare' Stickers

Democrats seem to be making peace with the probable “train wreck” of ObamaCare’s implementation. The DCCC, which assists Democrats running for the House, is offering free “I ‘Heart’ ObamaCare bumper stickers. The organization even took to twitter to advertise and promote its efforts. 

The DCCC has over 112,000 followers. Just 31 retweeted the message. This could be an ominous sign for Democrats. In a recent poll, just 36% of Americans believed the law would help the middle-class. 

Even a perfect implementation of a law as complex as ObamaCare would spark some level of confusion, misunderstanding, and pain. Unfortunately, the implementation of ObamaCare is very far from being perfect. Already, Obama has delayed two important components of the law, the most significant being the delay of the employer mandate. 

The employer mandate delay will drive even more people into the federal and state health insurance exchanges, which are scheduled to open on October 1. Because of coverage mandates in the law, premiums for individuals will be higher than those currently offered. Those premiums could skyrocket if young and healthy people decide against purchasing the expensive insurance. The fine for failing to buy insurance is just $92 in the first year. 

The DCCC deserves some points for accepting their fate on the law. I don’t expect a lot of Democrat candidates to scoop up their bumper stickers, however. 


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