NY GOP: Dems Running 'Four Perverts' for Public Office in NYC

NY GOP: Dems Running 'Four Perverts' for Public Office in NYC

“They’re running four perverts for public office in New York City,” said New York State Republican Party Executive Director Michael Lawler to Breitbart News on Wednesday.

In the midst of more sex chats and pics that surfaced from former New York Democratic Congressman and now New York City Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, another sex scandal hit the Democratic party Wednesday morning.

New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s office told the New York Times on Tuesday that a senior Assembly lawyer would be stepping down for failing to investigate the sexual harassment allegations regarding fellow Assembly Democrat Micah Kellner four years ago. Kellner is now running for a city council seat in New York City:

Four years ago, a junior staff member in Assemblyman Micah Z. Kellner’s office complained to her supervisor that she was being harassed by Mr. Kellner, an Upper East Side Democrat. The supervisor, a top aide to Mr. Kellner, reported the matter to Bill Collins, who, as counsel to the majority party, ran the Assembly’s legal staff. The senior Kellner aide presented Mr. Collins with 15 pages of Internet chat transcripts, in which Mr. Kellner made suggestive remarks to the junior staff member, a woman in her early 20s who was new to the job.

Mr. Kellner encouraged the woman to play Scrabble with him on Facebook while conversing through the Google Talk Internet messaging service. In one exchange that took place well after midnight, Mr. Kellner told the woman that he had hired her because “you were cute during the interview.” He asked if she had a boyfriend and told her, “I guess secretly I didn’t want you to have one,” adding, “I like being the only man in your life” and “Don’t cheat on me.”

“I wouldn’t mind falling asleep with you but not remotely,” he wrote. “Did I offend?”

The New York GOP’s Lawler points to the Democratic Party’s “phony notion of a Republican ‘War on Women,’  saying in a written statement:

Here in New York, there is a real war on women being waged by members of their own party.  In the September primary, they are running Anthony Weiner for New York City Mayor (harassed women with naked photos and sexually explicit messages), Eliot Spitzer for City Comptroller (sexually engaged prostitutes, using tax dollars in furtherance of these dalliances), and Vito Lopez and Micah Kellner for City Council, both accused of sexually harassing female assembly staff members who worked for them. With candidates like these, the State Democratic Party can only be described as “The Perv Party.”

And what have democrats said about this? Nothing. There is silence from nearly every elected democrat across the state, starting with Andrew Cuomo, Chuck Schumer, and Kirsten Gillibrand.

Neither Kellner nor Weiner have made any indications that they will be pulling out of their respective races. Weiner is scheduled  to continue to appear at mayoral candidate events around the city of New York on Wednesday.


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