Exclusive-Cruz: Obamacare Subsidy 'Chicago-Style' Vote Buying

Exclusive-Cruz: Obamacare Subsidy 'Chicago-Style' Vote Buying

In the third part of his interview with Breitbart News on Obamacare defunding efforts, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said that President Barack Obama, congressional Democrats, and the institutional left want to drag out the Obamacare fight as long as possible. 

If they force Republicans to keep waiting to rid the country of the law, Cruz thinks they will have hooked Americans on the subsidy to the point where it cannot ever be repealed.

“It is why hand in hand with delaying the employer mandate for big corporations, the Obama administration announced it wasn’t going to enforce the eligibility requirements for the subsidies,” Cruz said.

Cruz continued:

It’s essentially encouraging liar loans, encouraging fraud for people who come forward and say, “I qualify for a subsidy,” and the Obama administration saying, “we’re not going to check on anything, we’re just going to take your word for it and grant you the subsidy.” That is all Chicago-style politics designed to buy as many votes as possible. It is why the fight is now or never.

Cruz added that if Republicans choose not to fight Obamacare this September, the left, Obama, and the Democrats win, and Republicans lose.

“An awful lot of politicians in Washington, both Democrats and Republicans are more focused on staying in power, on getting re-elected, than they are in fighting for principle,” Cruz said. “I think that’s why there’s such tremendous frustration among the American people with career politicians in both parties.”

Cruz said:

There’s a reason why Congress routinely polls with 10, 12, 14 percent approval rating. It’s because politicians in both parties have been ignoring the American people for a long time. I’ll give you an example just to sum up. Every poll that is done in this country, of Republicans, of Democrats, of independents, underscores that the top priority for the American people is jobs and the economy. It’s restoring economic growth and getting people back to work.

Even though more Americans want their lawmakers to focus on the economy, the freshman Cruz said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Obama have done anything but since he came to Washington.

“And yet, in the seven months I’ve been in the Senate, we have spent virtually zero time talking about or being focused on jobs and the economy,” Cruz said. “Why? Because it’s not a priority for Harry Reid or President Obama. Instead we spent months on the president’s agenda to take away our Second Amendment rights, we spent months on an agenda to grant amnesty to those who are here illegally and we spend no time on tax reform, on regulatory reform, on restoring economic growth, to create jobs and to make it easier for people to achieve the American dream.”

Cruz said, “The single biggest step Congress could take to restore economic growth, to help people get back to work, to expand opportunity for those struggling to climb the economic ladder, is to defund Obamacare.”


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